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Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable in your own skin, especially on stressful days?

We make beauty products that meet your unique needs so you'll love your skin. In fact, our clients say they feel more confident and empowered than ever before.

This Gua Sha will help you massage your face, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.


  • Supports the absorption of facial oils, creams & serums and stimulates collagen production
  • helps smooth wrinkles
  • helps impurities disappear more quickly

“I like to use my Gua Sha in combination with the Derma ID® Refresh-Me Hydrating Essence and with the Derma ID® Rejuvenate-Me Face Oil. It stimulates the skin's local metabolism, detoxification and self-healing processes. I love using my Gua Sha especially during stressful times when my skin requires special treatment. Discover your beauty!”

Dr. Theresa Friedrich,
your cosmetic pharmacist


Clean the face thoroughly. Spray the Refresh-Me Hydrating Essence generously onto your décolleté and face. While the face is still damp, apply 3-5 drops of Rejuvenate-Me facial oil and distribute it evenly. Start the massage in the middle of the chin and gently stroke along the jawbone with medium pressure. Slowly work your way up the face.

Tip: Do not use on dry skin. You can find very nice instructions for the massage here (English).

Please note: Since rose quartz is a natural product, every Gua Sha looks different, especially in terms of grain and color.

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