Skin Type? Skin Condition? Do You Know the Difference?

Skin Type? Skin Condition? Do You Know the Difference?

Your skin type is largely determined by your genetics. So, your skin type is the basis you are having.

Four classic skin types:

  1. normal skin
  2. dry skin
  3. oily skin
  4. combination skin

It is important to know your skin type, because it's your basis and it almost never changes over your lifetime.

A skin condition is the state of your skin at the present moment. Your skin reacts to different environmental changes in varying degrees.

Five classic skin conditions:

  1. dehydrated skin
  2. ensitive skin
  3. aging skin
  4. inflammed skin
  5. skin with breakouts

Your skin condition, so how your skin actually looks depends on:

  • your skin type (genetics)
  • inner factors (e.g. stress, nutrition, hormones, sleep)
  • outer factors (e.g. pollution, smoking, weather, sun)

Skin types and conditions are often fused, causing you to over- or under-treat the problem at hand.

For example: You experience some breakouts and might think: "I have oily skin" and start treating your whole skin with the wrong products, instead of treating just the affected areas of your skin with the right product for a short period of time.

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