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Does your skin sometimes make you feel imperfect, especially during those busy days?

We make cosmetics that suit your unique needs, so you will love your skin. In fact, our customers say that we help them experience their beauty.

The Rose Quartz roller helps you massaging your face, thus making you feel relaxed and vitalized.

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  • enhances the absorption of ingredients
  • helps increasing elasticity & tension of the skin helps
  • reducing swelling, blemishes & fine lines

“I like to store my face roller in the fridge and to use it in combination with the Derma ID® Refresh-Me Hydrating Essence and with my Derma ID® Gla- morize-Me Face Cream ID. It supports lymphatic drainage, tightens skin, enhances blood circulation, and thus further improves the absorption of in- gredients into the skin. Including a roller into your beauty routine also helps you to increase the elasticity of your skin. Experience your beauty!”

Dr. Theresa Friedrich,
your cosmetic pharmacist


After using Cleanser and Toner  spread some drops of face oil or face cream even all over the face. The roller glides smoothly over the face, while helping to absorb the product more deeply. For a cooling effect put the roller for some hours into the fridge.

Please note: Rose quartz is a natural product, therefore each roller looks different with respect to figure and color.


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