Rose Quartz Roller


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Derma ID Rose Quartz Roller tightens the skin and reduces swelling as well as fine lines.

  • supports the uptake of active ingredients into the skin
  • increases the tension of the skin
  • reduces swelling and fine lines
  • 100 % natural rose quartz

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Rose quartz rollers are a beauty classic from far east.

Face massaging with Derma ID Rose Quartz Roller is relaxing and relieves stress. This beauty ritual is known in Asia since the antique and is considered as a wonderful treat for a bright complexion. The roller tightens the skin and supports the lymphatic drainage, one of the most important systems for detoxification of our body. Moreover the stimulated circulation improves the uptake of the ingredients of your skin care into the skin; Facial muscles are massaged gently and swellings are reduced. Massaging at regular intervals makes your complexion more balanced and increases the natural tension of your skin.

“I like to use Derma ID Rose Quartz Roller in combination with Derma ID Natural Hydrating Essence, and Derma ID Phyto Recovery Oil. It helps to relax facial muscles, supports the uptake of the ingredients into the skin, and reduces swellings as well as fine lines.” – Dr. Theresa Friedrich, founder of Derma ID®


After cleaning and toning, evenly dispers a few drops of face oil on your skin. The roller gently glides over your face, supporting the uptake of the oil into your skin. To achieve a special cooling effect the roller can be placed in the refrigerator before use.

Please note: Rose quartz is a natural product, therefore each roller looks different with respect to figure and color.


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