Rose Quartz Gua Sha


Includes 20% MwSt.

Rose quartz Gua Sha, that stimulates circulation and beautifies the skin appearance.

  • supports the uptake of face oils, cremes, and sera
  • stimulates the collagen production
  • smoothens lines and wrinkles
  • blemishes of disappear faster
  • 100 % natural rose quartz

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Gua Sha – a far east beauty ritual now available at Derma ID!

Our Gua Sha stones are with 100% rose quartz, thus each of them is unique. The stone induces deep relaxation of tissue and muscles; it stimulates circulation thus improving the uptake of the ingredients of your skin care products into the skin. Gua Sha stone can be used to promote lymph drainage; the intensity of this effect can be modulated by the intensity of pressure you put on your skin. The improved circulation also is beneficial for wound healing. The natural, cooling effect of rose quartz helps to reduce swollen eyelids.

“Gua Sha – massages are used to locally, mechanically, irritate the skin, thus stimulating metabolism, detoxification, and self healing processes of the body. I myself like to use Gua Sha massages in stressful times, when my skin does need more care.” –  Dr. Theresa Friedrich, founder of Derma ID®


Clean your face thoroughly, ideally using Derma ID Neroli and Rose Cleanser. Then spray Derma ID Natural Hydrating Essence onto decollete and face. Immediately afterwards, when the skin is still wet, apply 3 to 5 drops of Derma ID Phyto Recovery Oils onto the skin and spread it evenly. Start massaging in the middle of your chin and gently move along your mandible. Then slowly proceed further upwards in your face.

Tip: Do not use it on dry skin.

A very useful instruction for massaging can be found here.

Please, keep in mind that rose quartz is a natural product, thus every Gua Sha looks a little bit different, especially with respect to figure and color.


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