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Antiaging face cream with microalgae and low-molecular, hyaluronic acid. Softly pressed rice germ extract helps with dryness and redness. Shea and cupuacu butter provide rich care and grapeseed oil soothes skin with vitamins E and K. Organic aloe vera calms the skin. Fragrance-free.


  • antiaging components from microalgae and low-molecular hyaluronic acid
  • rice germ extract against dryness and redness
  • sensitive and dry skin
  • size 50 ml

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Rich face cream with antiaging components from microalgae and low-molecular hyaluronic acid and rice germ extract against redness and dryness. A composition of plant based oils, cupuacu butter and shea butter nurtures dry skin with moisture throughout the day. Panthenol and organic aloe calm skin and provide moisture. This cream is fragrance-free.



Microalgae contain carotenoids and important fatty acids while stimulating collagen synthesis in the cells. This provides skin with elasticity, moisture, and smoothness.


Hyaluronic acid is present everywhere in the body. However, with time the skin produces less hyaluronic acid. This cream contains highly absorbable low-molecular structured hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture in the skin and cushions the skin from the inside.

Rice germ extract is organically grown and provides long-lasting care for dry and itchy skin.

Apricot seed oil boosts skin metabolism while supporting cell renewal and strengthening dermal tissue.

Macadamia nut oil supports the skin’s lipid layer while strengthening and tightening the skin. The oil contains high levels of palmitol acid – a fatty acid naturally produced by the skin. With age the production of this essential acid slows down.

Grape seed oil has a lot of phytosterols and therefore gets into the skin well; it contains vitamin E and K, acts regenerating, moisturizing, and especially for dry skin caring in combination with shea-, and cupacu butter.

Borage seed oil contains high omega 6 levels and its composition is a rich source for sensitive skin.

Aloe vera calms and cools the skin, soothes itchiness. We use highest quality certified organic aloe vera.

Cupuacu butter is a light and smooth moisturizing butter with high levels of phytosterol which support and protect the skin while soothing redness and irritations.


Apply mornings and evenings to clean skin.


Sensitive skin – dry skin

Antiaging, moisture, antiredness


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