personalized cosmetics in organic quality


aluminiumfree organic cream deodorant


multifunctional by the power of nature

“I myself have very sensitive skin and customary skincare products do not work for me. During a research stay with my husband in New York, the idea for “Derma ID” was born: custom-made natural cosmetic products of pharmaceutical quality; haute couture for the skin. Every face cream of the product line by the same name is adapted to the clients’ needs and produced accordingly. I develop my formulations with special attention to sensitive skin and use exclusively highest-quality raw materials as well as selected active components.

Later on, following my pregnancy, the birth of my daughter, encouraged by my clients’ enquiries and positive feedback, I created the “Cosmetic Pharmacy” product line. This line of products contains baby oil, pregnancy oil (mommy oil), pregnancy balm (mommy balm), balm, face purifier, face oil, and aluminium-free creme deodorant, all in organic quality, as well as exclusive massage oils.

Highest quality is my first priority and this is the reason why notable luxury hotels use our products in their spas. Being a pharmacist my clients have great trust in me and this brings great responsibility and highest motivation to my work.”

Dr. Theresa Friedrich, Founder of Derma ID


The skin (Ancient Greek “Derma”) is the human body’s largest organ. Every person’s skin is a unique as their fingerprint. The skin is an individual identifying feature – “ID”. The name Derma ID stands for the basic idea of our brand’s concept: custom-made cosmetics adapted to your skin’s individual needs while embracing all different skin types and the constant changing needs of the skin.


The number of persons with sensitive skin and intolerances is growing. A thorough selection of high-quality ingredients and positively tested components for cosmetic products is a responsible task and main focus when developing our cosmetic products. This is the reason why Derma ID products are entirely natural and for the most part organically certified according to the Austria Bio Guarantee (see identification).


“Being a pharmacist my clients’ have great trust in me and this brings great responsibility and highest motivation to my work”, says company founder Dr. Theresa Friedrich. Thanks to her knowledge of pharmacy, her work in the fields of science and research, and her daily customer assistance, she has developed cosmetic products of highest-quality standards containing components in effective amounts.